What we are about

Our group is bringing candidates for public offices in Texas to public forums, so the average person can listen to what a candidate has to say and have an opportunity to ask questions. In too many elections, candidates are sold to you by big money interests based on their best interest, not yours. Getting candidates to public forums in rural areas will allow you to listen to them , evaluate them, and express your concerns. The candidate in exchange for this access would get from you something more valuable in an election than money – your vote –  if they impress you sufficiently.

One of our goals is to increase voter turnout in elections. With the low voter turnout at recent elections, we are creating a government that does not represent the majority of the population. If we want to keep a representative government we need to increase voter turnout.

Upcoming events

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Help Texans for an Engaged Electorate

Come help us change the electorate. We intend to increase voter participation in elections and work to better allow voters to see which candidates views and goals align with their views.

We need volunteers to help with social media, help set up and work events, locate citizens that need to register to vote,  and get the word out on upcoming candidate forums and other events in the area.


Donate to our cause

It does cost money to put on open forums for candidates, voter registration drives, and to get out the vote. With a donation of $5 or $10 we will be able to bring in more candidates and reach more potential voters. Your help will be appreciated.